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I lived in supported accommodation for around 4 years, attended ever single college in the north east of England; I have something to share for everyone to make the right decisions; for two years of my life I have looked after a schizophrenic patient who lived in the same block as me, my creativity was inspired by the very insanity from his insane rablings.

Male, 22 Durham county

I've went through the child, adult mental services, social services both for child, adult, NHS cahms service; three times been in the mental health wards.

I've noticed particular generation X, z, Snowflake, millennials, Windrush generation have suffers the most at the hands of these horrid baby boomers that have all the wealth, houses, mansions, good cloths meanwhile I had to grow on my own without emotionally supportive parents; I had to look after my autistic twin brother while my little brother Kevin was worshipped like a god while I was thrown under carpet along with my twin brother, been physically, mentally abused even today by my horrid argumentative Grandma over a single things the US Condition which even at her age gives me general uneducated knowledge which even she knows nothing about.

I will say this with maturity, certainty my family is no good, NHS is rubbish, private healthcare is better compare to the national health service, crisis team is shite.

Could I speak to many aspiring healthcare professionals including Doctors, Nurses, social workers please?
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