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I have got a new phone after a few years, but basically they need my password to my old phone in order to access everything on there, because it isn't turning on. They have managed to turn it on, they need the password to do an internal check.

Now, I have a lot of personal things on that phone. Like a lot. And if I give the password it will mean my uncle, mum and dad will see everything on there.

I really do not want to give them the password but if I don't my uncle can just hack into it. They are trying to make me remember, but I still remember it and I am debating whether to say or not!

What should I do? I am going to try speaking to my dad to see if he can bring it home, so I can try a few passwords or make some excuse, but I cannot guarantee he will listen.

Should I give it?
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Are you a child and they are wanting to look through your phone?

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