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He’s gone recently and we had loads of fun in the summer with him then during it he told us he’s going to uni around October. I thought they’d be another lockdown by then so it wouldn’t happen but it has happened and now he’s there right now. He’s been studying and hasn’t been able to come out and probably won’t be able to for a bit of time now and we can’t go to his halls because we aren’t allowed under the restrictions his people who he lives with will grass if we just go. Just missing everything with him
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Yes they might but you might also be caught by security - I know they check in regularly on our campus.

You could contact him using social media. Even video chat would allow you to see him without being fined. Is it in an area where you could maybe meet up in town? That way you could see them but then it would not be illegal.

All the best.
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That's a bit of a selfish attitude, hoping a lockdown would have stopped your friend going to uni. As their friend, you should be supporting their dreams and ambitions and happy that they have achieved what they wanted.

There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with them, but whilst it's OK to say you miss them, don't go on about it and make it all about you. People and friendships change and mature, so you couldn't have kept that idyllic summer going on and on.

Finally, respect the rules that are in place for a reason. It's not worth your friend getting into trouble at uni for a bit if time socialising with you, or the pair of you spreading coronavirus to other people, including those in his accommodation, who could be vulnerable or have family who are.

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