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Okay so I need to choose whether I want to go to Durham or Imperial (I haven't received offers yet and who knows if I will but I want to start thinking about the decision early on just in case)

- less prestigious than Imperial (it's around the same ranking as Imperial in the UK but in the world Durham is like in the 80s whilst Imperial is in the top 10)
- I do prefer old unis and I love the collegiate system
- I would prefer to not be in London (aka where Imperial is)
- I really like the course

- way more prestigious
- on first thought I think my heart is set on Durham but if I actually try to not have a closed mind I can imagine myself at Imperial, obviously it is just a really different setting
- I think I may want to go into cancer research or do something to do with cancer (obvs idk yet but every time I hear about someone with cancer I think wow I really want to do something - and the science interests me so much I did an EPQ on it etc ) but anyways Imperial has its own cancer research centre whereas Durham doesn't. But then again - I could go to Durham as an undergrad then apply to Imperial for postgrad and do sm to do with cancer there)
- Imperial is closer to where I live
- I can imagine myself more at Durham but idk if it is because I'm close minded to imperial because I seem to think my heart is set on Durham? Even as I type this I switch opinions and can suddenly see myself at Imperial.

Anyone got tips/can help with the decision?

Here is my personality to kind of fit it with the uni I guess:
-extroverted but also don't mind being alone for ages (quite like solitude as well)
-I do like partying but I would rather study all the time than party and not care about my education!
-I like old unis but probably because I associate old unis with Oxford and Cambridge
-but modern unis are nice too
-I have prefer to have a few close friends rather than loads of not so close friends
-I like being in a friendship group where everyone cares about their education
-I am very sporty
-I'm very hardworking, determined and motivated and get excited at the thought of the workload at Imperial because even though it will be tough it will be totally worth it if it means pursuing more knowledge!

I just don't know if I should choose Imperial or Durham?

Thanks in advance

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