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Basically Im applying for uni this year and am interested in entering childrens nursing. Since last year I've only ever seen medicine students be prioritised. MDV students I mean but my school has a lot of medicine students (medicine-to be students? idk). Because of that last year I chose to do medicine with no actual passion or interest (stupid but it doesnt matter). anyways so when I was asked what I would do at uni i said med and everyone was super supportive and excited. We all know its a hard course, right? SO NOW THAT IM SAYING I WANNA DO CHILDRENS NURSING apparently it isnt worth the stress. WTF. Also not to mention students applying for med are getting what they need for predicted whilst the rest of us have to actually work hard for it.

Anyone seeing students of certain subjects or trying to get into specific courses being treated like bloody gods?
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I'm a first year medical student, so I'll try my best to be unbiased! I've also worked in nursing staff roles with plenty of RNs.

I understand where you are coming from in the sense that medicine, dentistry and veterinary science (MDV) students may receive some additional support in schools/colleges that other subjects may not receive (e.g. medical societies/clubs), purely due to the intensity of the application process for medicine and the difficulty of obtaining a place. This is not at all to say that other subjects are less important or any easier to study!

I can't really speak for your comment about predicted grades. My college tutors in years twelve and thirteen were aware of my aspirations to study medicine, and were aware that I would've needed three A predicted grades to obtain a place. Me being predicted three As was not purely because it is what I needed, but was supported by my class test results. Predicted grades are just that — predicted. They may help a medical student obtain a conditional offer, but ultimately if a student fails to meet their predicted grades, then they have not met the conditions of their offer and the offer is withdrawn.

Paediatric nursing is phenomenal and I have the utmost respect for you, and anybody else eager to step into a career in nursing, whether it be adult, children's or mental health. Nurses are no 'less important' than any other healthcare professional!

Try not to let the stigma surrounding MDV students influence you or your decisions - you're pursuing a fantastic career because it is what you are genuinely interested in. Nobody can take that from you.

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