Stuck and feeling horrible.

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Every time it's a weekend or half term or summer holidays, I feel really hollow and empty, I'll be find when I'm at school or outside but as soon as I go home it just is all thrown out the window.

I'd end up feeling heavy and I don't do anything, I manage to get up and brush my teeth but sometimes I don't even get that done and I feel really disgusted in my skin. Im overthinking and getting disturbing thoughts and memories that wont go away or im not thinking at all and I feel disconnected.

In the night I'd go to sleep praying I stay asleep and then in the morning Id wake up and think that if I just stay in bed everything will go away and fix itself. I do try and distract myself but I really just hate this whole mindset where i'm being really unrealistic and kind of staying in some dumb dream or belief that everything will turn out fine.

I've already said this before but on normal days I can manage to get stuff done and get out of bed because I have to but at home there's nothing. I just feel like i'm in an endless cycle of procrastinating and just existing. My ma offered to take me to a counsellor but I don't want to go to the gp because I feel embarrassed.

I think it's because of this stage of my life i'm in that's just dragging on and I can't really see the end of the tunnel.
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Going to a counsellor or GP isn't embarrassing or weak - it's brave. It sounds like some professional advice would really do you some good, so perhaps try asking your nan if she'll take you? Even if it's hard, it should help make things easier in the longrun.
Look after yourself as best as possible, kay?

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