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Hello I’m doing my first essay for criminology and I’m really struggling if anyone can help that would be great
The question is ‘ critically discus how the media constructs and distorts children’ I have to link it to sociological and criminology theories and include case studies such as the james bulger case and explain how the media represents children as angels and demons I’m struggling on what sources to include and how to structure an essay in uni
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Research theories in depth as a starting point and make short notes on flashcards. Sum up relevant case studies in your own words here. Read beyond the lines of the case study in question. Reference all used reference sources at the bottom of your essay as well. Make sure to briefly include a witty snapshot of your own perspective. Explore the effect video games and movies tend to have on kids of all ages. You could even aim to explain the serial murderer gene. Evaluate the risks of such a gene.
Discuss the full impact on society in addition. Parenting surveys, forums, newspaper articles and magazine stories are fodder but do not forget the level of bias that may be present. List lessons learned etc. Refer back to the original question at all times during your note making and essay writing. Have five or six paragraphs typed up or written. One needs to be about the everlasting effects of crime on society and families. Weave only relevant information into your essay.

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