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Im currently doing my HND Engineering online do to Covid. I haven't chosen a pathway to take yet and conflict on the way to go.

There are 3 options, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical & General. So far i've only done the Further Maths unit (almost finished) what is in all 3 options and i get to chose my units that i take. The is prob

1. I like mechanical and interested and really like thermodynamics, but as im learning online the help/tutor is not good enough for the fluid units or mechanical principle units and the workbook material is shocking bad. Only one college offers mechanical but i had to leave do to illness and where not receptive to that and where really hostilie.

2. I like bits of electrical (the electrical and renewable energy). I understand it and can do it on my own. But i hate electronics and thoughts off doing electronics and electrical for a career kills me. Plus very few places offer top up electrical not electronic degrees

3. I like general, you get free range of units so can match it up with what i like and it can easy match other course but general im not sure if emplorers would look at as bad, too general, not chosen a route, to broad. Plus not sure i could find top up degree or do a top up degree that is more specialised (e.g material engineering).

Im coming to end of the unit so have to chose soon. Im not sure if im going stay with online so want to kind of match with colleges aswell. online their helps is bad and marking is harsh compared to colleges (eg. if u get 3 distinctions and 1 pass for assignments, your end of module grade would be a pass).

I would be super greatful if i could hear from people and their advice, what they think.

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