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Hi everyone, I am currently in year 12 and I am taking Maths, Economics, Sociology and an EPQ. I am wondering whether I should drop my EPQ or not. The thing is I am not sure what I want to study at Uni yet and I feel quite pressured by the EPQ to decide on what course to study at Uni, and then narrow down to a title. I have chosen a title but I just don't feel that passionate about it and I'm worried that I might change my mind about what I want to study later on. The only reason I've continued with it this far is because it will help with my personal statement and Uni offers but I don't know that many Uni's that actually lower your offer because of the EPQ. I just think that I should find what I want to do at Uni in a natural way, like finding work experience, reading books, taking part in competitions and finding what I am actually interested in, instead of just picking a title and rolling with it. Of course I get that you are meant to find your title interesting and be passionate about it but I don't know what I find interesting yet! I just feel like its all a bit of a rush and what if I end up not doing the course that my EPQ is based around, then will it be pointless to mention in the personal statement? But aside from that, I have heard that the dissertation, time management and presentation skills are super useful. Any replies would be much appreciated, thank you!!
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I did it and I think I developed really good time management and research skills. Whatever course you choose, the skills gained will be the same. As long as you stick to a schedule of doing a tiny bit everyday (I used to do 30 minutes every lunch) then you'll be fine.

Research skills gained from the EPQ will help you at Uni. You can refer to the Extended Project in your UCAS personal statement and interviews to demonstrate some of the qualities that universities are looking for. Some Universities lower their entry requirements for the EPQ and if you have to go through clearing it might be the thing that differentiates you from a candidate with the same A-level grades. If the course uses UCAS tariff points then the EPQ contributes to this.

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