out of all of these geography coast questions, what do you find the hardest and why?

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1. how does rocky coasts (high and low relief) result from resistant geology (to the erosive forces of sea, rain and wind).
2. how is a geological structure responsible for the formation on concordant and discordant
3. how does geological structure influence coastal morphology
4.how is geological structure is an important influence on coastal morphology
5.how is lithology and unconsolidated material geology are important in understanding the rates of erosion
6.how does the differential erosion of alternating strata in cliffs produce complex cliff profiles and influencing recession rates.
7.how is vegetation important in stabilising sandy coastlines through marsh successional development in estuarine areas
8. how do the different wave types influence beach morphology and beach sediment profiles
9.what is the importance of erosion processes and how do they influence wave type, size and lithology
10. how does erosion create distinctive coastal landforms (e.g: wave-cut notches and the cave-arch-stack-stump sequence)
11. how is sediment transportation influenced by the angle of the wave attack
12.how does transportation and deposition processes produce distinctive coastal landforms
13. how is the sediment cell concept important for understanding the coast as a system of dynamic equilibrium, with both positive and negative feedback
14.why is weathering important in sediment production and why does it influence the rates of recession
15. why is mass movement important on some coast with weak and/or complex geology
16.how does mass movement create distinctive landforms (e.g: rotational scars)
17. how does longer-term sea-level change result from a complex interplay of factors both eustatic and isostatic?
18. why does sea level change produce emergent coasts and submergence coastlines
19. how does contemporary sea-level change from global warming or tectonic activity is a risk to some coastlines
20. how do rapid coastal recessions caused by physical factors, but can also be influenced by human actions
21. how does subaerial processes work together to influence rates of erosion
22.why are rates of recession not constant and are influence by different factors both short and long term (e.g:wind direction/fetch)

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