Covid-19's impact on live music, festivals and clubbing. Your experience?

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How has Covid-19 impacted festivals, clubbing and live music from your perspective? Maybe you had tickets for a festival, worked in a bar, or had a gig cancelled?

On Monday 9 November, MPs will debate petitions about the impact of Covid-19 on the events industry.

The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who consider petitions) want your experiences to inform the debate.

Your answers to these questions might get read out in Parliament!

  • What has your experience been of Covid-19's impact on nightclubs, music events and festivals?
  • How worried are you about the future of these industries?
  • What action would you like to see from the Government to help the industry?

Please leave a comment telling us about your experiences by 12 midday on Friday 6 November. These will be passed on to Elliot Colburn MP, the member of the Petitions Committee leading the debate, who may quote and refer to your contributions during the debate.

Watch the debate live from 6pm on 9 November, on Parliament’s Youtube Channel: E-petitions: Relating to support for live events and weddings during Covid-19

Read the petition: "Let Us Dance - Support nightclubs, dance music events and festivals".

This petition will be debated together with a petition calling for the number of guests permitted at weddings to be increased.


Please note: Your name, and any information or opinions you provide, may be shared with the Petitions Committee and used in a Parliamentary proceedings or written material which will be on the record and available on Parliament TV, Hansard and the Parliament website. Please ensure that you are happy with your comment before sharing.

To see our online discussion rules, please visit:
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