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not too sure where to go about this, and if this even appropriate for this forum. I’m just a bit unsure where to ask.

Basically I have a GCSE retake tomorrow (last one!) but a couple weeks ago something really bad happened. I’m in the middle of getting it sorted out, and tonight I got some bad news concerning it. I’m feeling very lost and kinda distressed and cannot even think when I’m trying to revise. I’m really scared I’ll just blank out in the exam tomorrow and then mess it all up.
The school knows what happened, but haven’t done anything really except than point me in the right direction to talk about it. I don’t know if when I go in tomorrow morning, if I should bring up how it’s troubling me or just try and cram everything in now or at least try to and just get on with the exam (which doesn’t look extremely feasible). Any stress management tips? Or advice argh I’m sorry I know this probably a lot of crap to put onto you, a dear stranger across the screen!
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Hi Stranger ,

Anxiety and stress is pretty normal when it comes to taking exams, especially given your circumstances.
I have a few pieces of advice that might help.

1. Find a method that suits you best. For example, most people study best through practising past exam questions, others flashcards and some people might prefer youtube videos. It's in your best interest to find a system that works for you - this will help with future exams too.

2. Have a schedule. Although you've got just a day before your exam you should divide up your time efficiently. Try working with no distractions for 2 hours and taking a half an hour break. No distractions means to avoid things that distract you; out of sight, out of mind. Put your phone away, turn the TV off and get working. Use your breaks to get snacks and catch up with everything that's going on on Snapchat and Instagram. And then put your head back down for 2 hours and continue studying.

3. Make a mental "cheat sheet". This method has always worked for me. While I'm studying I make a note of all the very important things I need to remember and turn some of them into acronyms. I even add in some pictures and colours and fit everything onto 1 A4 sheet. You don't need to fit every single thing on here, just what's important, hard to remember and things that will trigger memories of what you've learnt. On the last day before my exam (Give yourself 1.5 hours this time), memorise the cheat sheet as best you can. I do this by using the Look, Cover, Write, Check method. Once you go into the exam you'll (hopefully) have this in your memory and you can go back to the cheat sheet in your mind. Please remember not to take the cheat sheet into the exam with you! I am not endorsing using it as an actual cheat sheet .

4. Get plenty of rest. The worst thing you can do is work through the night and exhaust yourself in the lead up to your exam. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour and aim to get at least 7-8 hours. In the morning of your exam don't look at any of your revision materials in the morning, except for your cheat sheet. You don't want to confuse your brain with new or complicated information. Shortly before your exam, have a banana! Weird, I know, but eating a high-potassium snack like a banana will help rebalance the levels of this important mineral, normalise your heartbeat and send extra oxygen to the brain making you less stressed. Your body also uses the natural sugar in bananas, fructose, to produce glucose, which fuels your brain and gives you energy.

Good Luck!

~ Mo

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