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DSA laptop upgrade help

So I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop from DSA cause the one they have given me apparently has **** battery life. The person from the supplier i have been emailing said i need to send them the link of the laptop i want to upgrade to and then they will give me an upgrade price.

Can i have any laptop, obviously within my own budget. On the suppliers website they have a shop with 12 laptops on it, but i dont know if im meant to pick one of them or if i can pick a different one

Equally i dont know if its worth upgrading at all, the reviews of the one they have given me say the keyboard is clunky and that the battery is not very good but apart from that it seems alright. But like this laptop has to last me 3 years and the battery will only get worse as time goes on. And if the world gets back to normal it would have to last me a day of lectures, and i am doing a maths degree which is contact heavy so id being using it away from a charger a lot of the time.#

My supplier is microlink if anybody has had any experience with them and they have given me this laptop:
HP 14s-dq1504sa 14 Inch Notebook Core i5-
1035G1 8GB 256GB SSD Windows 10 Home

so if anybody can tell if that is actually suitable then that would be much appreciated.
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Could you post a list of the laptops they are offering as an upgrade?
I just got an upgrade laptop myself of Remtek the lenovo legion 5i. I am happy with it as it lasts a good 6 hours or more during my all day lectures on Fridays
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Hi can I ask how much extra they charged you for the upgrade to the legion 5i please?

So I’m a postgrad and am currently going through the process for the 3rd time.
So yes, you do get a laptop, you make a £200 contribution and the DSA make a £250/ £300/£350 contribution depending on your level of study, needs and software reccomendation.

You then have a choice, whether you take this laptop or upgrade. Then you have 2 options. You can buy a laptop, but you have to write to student finance England stating you will sort the laptop. Basically you can buy a laptop with student discount. But you have to buy it out right then claim back the DSA contribution. Or you can go to the supplier, and they have a choice of laptop they have in stock or are willing to source and you can pay the additional cost of the new laptop.
Be aware you will need to pay any additional money for insurance or for software that goes on another system above the cost stated on your entitlement. Also if you buy a Mac you might not be able to transfer you software so the DSA will not contribute. Also if you buy a laptop which is not better or has a worse processor than your reccomended one you will not get the contribution by DSA.
I don’t know if that helps.
Do you know if they charge you the £200 contribution each time. I am applying again and qualify for a new laptop but don't have the money to contribute again.
I think if you get a new laptop you will have to pay the £200 again. Your university may be able to help you with the cost. My University covered the entire £200 for me.

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