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I started out A levels with Gen. Maths, economics, physics and chemistry. However I cannot cope with the current conditions and want to drop either chemistry or economics and move on with my other subjects. Is this advisable ? Should I bite the bullet and go on studying all 4 at the cost of risking my grades with other subs, just to keep my options open? or should i drop one and which one would you recommend keeping in mind the current pandemic economy and upcoming valuable career paths. Thank you in advance
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I follow the rule that you should choose to study subjects that interest you, and that you will get a good mark in.

So you should choose which to drop, if you absolutely need to focus, 3 great A results would be better than four Ds.

A level chem I found easy, until I got to detailed rate equations, bit lost, then all of organic chem, threw me further astray! So much to memorise. A level Economics, I considered a bit lightweight, compared to my physics experience anyway, but others on TSR have pointed out that it’s a useful and can be enjoyable A level; an introduction to business/accounting/finance/economics/politics etc

So use the A level explorer, simulate a few different choices and see where you get, then ask some trusted elders for their opinion & take your own fact based decision.

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