COVID ruined whole uni experience

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I know there are far worse things happening and I am seeing things positive, but sometimes it just cracks.
I mean, it’s all just ****. Literally the whole world is faced with a pandemic, but all unis act as if nothing is going on and we have to do the same amount of uni/coursework/exams despite the world ending and general anxiety about what is going on.
But this would be ok. What really gets on my nerve is that I (we) had to endure school for 12 (!) f years and even one day absent would be a catastrophe. Now, when I finally achieved to get into my absolute dream uni and study a subject I love and move to another country where I always wanted to go, after this hard work, exactly NOW this freaking pandemic comes. And it will most probably affect everything right until the 3 years of uni end and then, after the ‚best days of my life‘ are over, I’ll have to drag my ass to work every every day without exception. How is that fair? I’m so angry. I hated school so so so much and the only thing that kept me going was my dream and now that. I already envy everyone who can have a normal uni life in the future. Who can experience freshers week. All things that lit everyone but our year was able to experience.
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I feel you, my first year 2019-20 was messy due to uni strikes and covid. Now my second year is fully online too but there are some positives. Im getting way more work done at home. Plus, usually you never get any time with lecturers in person, now you get to be face to face with them on zoom and its way more interactive than anything in-person ever was for me. Even recorded lectures are great because before if you couldn't write everything down in the two hours they spoke at you that would be it. Now I can pause its pretty lit. So yeah, social isn't as good (but thats the same for the entire country anyway because of covid) but the actual uni stuff better than ever for me. Don't forget we can live our best lives easily after uni anyway, fun still exists when you start work. Its all gonna be okay!
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Peak, I had such a great time at uni plus I graduated right before the pandemic

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