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EDIT- please don’t reply to this post it got put in the wrong sections of tsr (should be ucas section) I created this exact question there.

So essentially I just recieved an offer from Warwick to study econ for 2021 and in their offer letter I’m classed as an international student which I’m not.

After calling ucas essentially I had made the mistake that I’d swapped my dual nationalities around and wrote them in the box where the first should’ve been the second.

I have already emailed all my unis now but obvs. There going to take a while to reply.
Am I kinda screwed now ?
Does it mess all my uni applications up (especially with regard to it being harder for internationals to gain entry compared to home)?
Will Warwick and other unis still give me the offer even though I’m not international ?

All of this Especially considering the fact that this is the time when most unis are starting to make decisions for early entrants.

For info. I applied to Cambridge, LSE ,Warwick, bath, ucl

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