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Hii everyone,
im looking for honest opinions on the Uni of Manchester please.
Manchester as a city I love, I know this from visiting friends etc that currently attend there.
However, they have had bad experiences with the chemistry department there which is what id like to study there? there's 3 students I know who study there that don't recommend it and one of them even changed courses.
I also keep seeing them in the news for how they're treating their students throughout this pandemic and apparently all the online teaching isn't good and they're not very accommodating.
Was wondering if anyone else could add their honest opinions on this please?because if i didn't know about my friends experiences, uni of manchester would probably be my firm choice but now I'm wondering if its better for me to apply to man met or a different uni instead?
obviouslt no disrepect to the uni id just like some honest opinions
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I'm in a different faculty, so I can't speak to the specifics of chemistry but I am having a horrible time.the tutors are doing their best, but the uni overall has put everybody in an impossible position. the work load is intense, the amount of support is minimal and so many people are struggling.most people on my course live in halls and they've had a uniquely terrible time, but I'm at home and I feel like I've been forgotten about. I have a couple of medical issues that have severely impacted my ability to study and the support has been less than ideal.I wish I had deferred because I regret coming here. I've been nothing but stressed and unhappy since the year started.I don't think most unis are doing a great job though, so I'm not sure I'd let all the bad stories get in the way of your applications.

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