can you become a stock broker without a business related degree?

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Hey, I am in year 13, and my passion for the business field came really late I guess as I don't even do business, economics or maths for A levels.
Instead, I do biology, chemistry and PE. I was wondering if there is a way for me to still enter a career in stockbroking despite my situation and if so how and what must I do?
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Yes . I'd recommend you finish off your A Levels first though, as it will be a pain to do them after 19.

The following webpage provides the official advice on becoming a stockbroker:
(I'd put emphasis on excellent communication skills, as you will be selling most of the time).
The following Wiki page also provides the qualifications you can look into:

The qualification you need will either be from the CFA (doing IMC - or CISI.
With the CISI, things change all the time, so I can't be sure what qualification you will specifically need, but the Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma should be the one you go for ( As far as I know, neither qualifications have any particular entry requirements i.e. you don't need a degree or any other qualifications. Having said that, I'm not sure what you will need outside of the UK (the US needs you to have passed the 7 series I think).
The CII also do a Level 4 certificate in Securities Advice and Dealing (, and I think it should be equivalent to the above, but you might want to check.

However, I'd check on the job requirements first, as individual employers can be a bit picky. If you have good A Level grades, I don't think they would have a problem paying for your qualification, although it's not expensive for you to self study and fund them. I'd check with a stockbroker that you know or you can ask career related questions from.
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