Car insurance when trading

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Hi there,

I’ve agreed to part exchange my car with someone who lives about 20 mins away, I currently don’t have insurance on the car or tax as it hasn’t been on the road for a couple months, is there a way I can not insure my car in order to take the short trip to the seller as this would mean I would have to take out a policy on my car for me to drive it 20 minutes to then swap the car and have to get an entirely new policy on my new car?
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You could get a days insurance from a temp provider? You can't get a days tax but you can pay monthly and then get a refund when the car is transferred.

It also doesn't need insurance or tax to be moved on a car carrier as far as I know (not towed)

Does the other person have insurance/tax on their car? It might be easier for them to come to you?

I really wouldn't try driving without insurance or tax, at all, at this point a cop car just has to automatically read your plate and the computer beeps 'Stop that car!', the last person I know to try it made it about 5 mins.

TBH anytime i've called my insurer to swap cars around it's been reasonably straight forward, I've just needed to have the telephone patience to say 'Yes' about 60 times.
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To have day insurance the car needs to be insured properly first anyway.

Obviously needs to be taxed and MOTd as well.

Is the other car taxed and insured? Like StriderHort said it's probably easiest for them to come to you if so. They drive to you, swap their insurance to your car, cancel the road tax on theirs and buy it for yours, then drive off in yours leaving you theirs, which you can tax and insure at your leisure.

Other than that it'll be car transporter/trailer. If any of the wheels are rolling on the road it must be fully road legal (taxed/insured), fully loaded onto a car trailer is fine though. There are guys around who'll move it 20 minutes down the road on a beavertail for a bit of cash as well.

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