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So I've been looking into doing biomedical sciences at uni, specifically Bristol uni. I have been accepted into their access course for biomedical sciences, and honestly, I can't wait. But I've been looking into it a bit more, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do after uni. If anyone knows, please please answerr There are so many jobs, but I'm just not sure, I've heard it's really hard to get a good job, with that degree. I don't want to go to uni, and get a degree that won't get me anywhere. if that makes sense? :/ For the jobs, I was also wondering about the pay. I really want to get a good job, that pays really well. If anyone has any ideas, please say something
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Hey, I'm a third year pharmacology student but my pathway is very similar to that of the Biomedical Sciences course. Here are a few links to help you in the right direction: (this is a pdf which just downloads automatically)

In regards to pay, honestly it depends on your experience.

For example, after you finished your biomedical sciences degree you may think of becoming a biomedical scientist. Here's the salary in average:

'Starting salaries in the NHS range from £24,214 to £30,112 (Band 5).
With experience and/or specialist knowledge, you can earn a salary of £30,401 to £37,267 (Band 6).
As a senior biomedical scientist, you can expect to earn £37,570 to £50,819 (Band 7/8a). Salaries for consultant biomedical scientists, who have reached the top of their profession, are higher.
If you're working in London and the surrounding areas you may receive a high-cost area supplement of between 5% and 20% of your basic salary.

Salary levels for biomedical scientists working for private companies, universities, government bodies and other organisations may vary.

Income data for NHS salaries from pay bands agreed under the Agenda for change pay rates.

Figures are intended as a guide only'.

Experience comes through working in the company for a long period of time and/or undertaking a Master's and/or Phd.

I would suggest you research and see what your universities have in offer. Some may even provide placement years (which some employers may look favourably upon) which can give you experience in how your knowledge can be applied to the Biomedical Sciences field.

Hope this helps good luck!

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