Is it bad that I didn't get added by my mates in any of the smaller groupchats?

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Basically there is a massive groupchat which me and all my friends are in. But there are also smaller groupchats and everyone in the bigger groupchat is in one of the smaller ones except from me and one other person whos made plenty of mates at college and so is in a groupchat with all of them. I didn't get added into any and go to a different college to all of them and I've only made acquaintances at college due to everyone I speak to having a large friend group already aswell as the fact that seating plans change regularly so its hard to make acquaintances more than acquaintances. Most of the people I knew before college who came into college not knowing much people are in the same situation from what I figured. Making acquaintances from college but nothing more than that.

So for example the big group chat has 14 people in and the smaller groupchats all have 4/5 people in. All the 14 people are in one of the smaller groupchats apart from me who isn't in any of them.

What does that mean exactly? I haven't spoken to some people in those groupchats in time partially due to Covid. I only really message most of them directly on their birthdays only but it's usually for a long time as since I haven't spoken to them in ages I try to ask a lot about what's going on for them. And same vice versa usually. There's only really 2 people out of the 13 other than me that I speak to on a regular basis, one of them I speak to basically everyday and the other like at least once or twice every fortnight.

Some of my friends want us all to go to the same University so it's gonna be easier with the social life and everything. But seen as though I'm not that rated in my current friend group should I try to go to a University on my own without any of them so I can be more independent and get another friend group that I can speak to more?

And how easy is it to get into a big friend group if you go to Uni on your own if I decide to do that so I can get closer mates? I'm currently in year 13 and haven't made any new mates at college though I've made plenty of acquaintances. So is it really easy at Uni or not as it probably will be my last chance of meeting a lot of new people.
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If you don't know them well, why would they include you in the group chat? Each is probably for close friends.

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