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Msc in Health and Clinical Psychology application at the University of Manchester


I'm wondering if anybody has any advice for the 250 word research proposal (for something in health or clinical Psyc) on the application form for the above course, or any similar course for that matter.

I haven't actually done a clinical module in my undergrad (currently in 3rd year of a combined Psyc course with psychotherapy/counselling.

I'm just wondering if anybody has any advice pertaining to 'hot' topics that might be useful for the proposal, or possibly the format for it? With it being such a short one.

It says on the application form that they mainly want to know that the RQ and data analysis are a suitable fit, so it's tapping into your research method knowledge more than anything else.

Any tips?

Hi, did you manage to get into Manchester? Now the research propel is 300 words but... I'm stuck lol

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