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I'm in year 11 and now is the time I need to start applying to different sixth forms and colleges. For those forms, it says I need to put my A-level choices. I know these aren't permanent and that final choices come later on but it's stopping me from applying as I get too scared and chicken out and time is running out.

I probably sound really silly and I have a shortlist of subjects I'm interested in (Politics, Religious Studies, Biology, Drama and I know I want to do History so I still technically need to choose two) but it would be really helpful if anyone taking those subjects could tell me more about what those subjects are like.

I have (of course) done research on those subjects and the videos my school has prepared for the virtual open evening don't feel like they give a genuine flavour of what the subjects are like. They only talk about the good and it really seems a bit fake (that's a bit harsh but it is what it is). Essay writing is one of my strong points (I am absolutely terrible at maths, languages and sciences) which is why I have narrowed it down to those as those are also the lessons I enjoy.

I want to become a writer/novelist when I'm older and I don't know what else I should do, as writing is the only thing I've ever really loved doing. I need to consider other options but I don't know what those are. The careers appointment I had only made me more confused about what I want and, if anything, put more pressure on choosing the right A levels as it honestly seemed like choosing your A levels is like choosing your degree and career.

Which combination of those subjects would be best for getting into good universities? What other careers should I look at? What advice do you have in general for choosing and starting A levels?

I'm really sorry for word vomiting on you. Thank you for reading (and if you do) sharing some of your experiences/ life wisdom.
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i do biology a-level and the content is quite hard but the mark scheme is even worse! for aqa we have to write an essay in paper 3.

i presume if you would like to be a writer english language would be good or english lit.

i don't do any of the other subjects but my general advice would be make sure you really like your subjects as you have to do a lot of work outside the lesson on them and it a lot more detail than gcses. i would also say that even at the start of y12 you dislike one of your choices do change! there is no point in doing 2 years work when you don't enjoy the subject.

maybe try to speak to some of the y12s at your school who do these subjects? or speak one-on-one with some of your teachers

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