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Hi I hope ya'll doing well. So I completed my masters in September and submitted my dissertation. My course included a placement year where no dissertstion was permitted and the latter where you just studied for the year. I originally had a placement lined up but due to the virus outbreak fully increasing during April period, the company had to drop me so I was automatically drafted to the dissertation side. I had already had a topic to discuss for my dissertation as backup but at this point there was no other prep done as i was close to starting my placement. I let my supervisor know about this and he understood and aided me to the best of his ability. In the end I completed it and submitted it in September.

Just recently got the results back and I failed where I needed 50 to pass and I got 40. I am disappointed because i genuinely believed and thought i would pass at the very least as I did the research and looked at various journals etc. Did my own research and study too. I've got the option to resubmit my dissertation to hand in for Jan or for later next year but it will be capped at the pass mark at 50. I'm aiming to get this down for January as I want to graduate asap.

Have any of you been through a similar predicament or situation? What advice can you give me? I'm of the mindset currently that the amount of marks I needed to pass isn't alot and that I can get it done with the correct guidance but I would like someone to tell me if I'm being foolish or if I'm right. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
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You may have grounds for an appeal (or extenuating circumstances) since you mention you had no prep work done.

You should definitely try getting the improved marks, particularly since it is a difference between passing (50+) and failing (
Please also delete your other post to avoid having two threads discussing the same topic.

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