do jobs that accepts grads provide FULL in depth training or do they expect you to kn

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know it all?
So I am going to graduate. I have my mind set on becoming a detective however have been looking into other areas to. I am scared of being and feeling dumb and I think this anxiety comes from being made to feel stupid at jobs I was new at by co workers. I am smart and I know I can do stuff but i put myself down a lot and feel like I cant. I cant deal with the anxiety that comes with it. I have been looking at other jobs which are lab based. Do they provide any training ? I know just the very very basics. I feel like this is common with a lot of uni students because we are not taught how to have real jobs or anything to do with it. Think we were suppose to have work experience during my last year which is this year but due to covid its cancelled. I really need something to boost my confidence. I ahve been watching videos and documentaries of my future job and its causing me so much anxiety and feels complciated. Its making me want to go for an easier job such as a primary school teacher (i tutor part time with small kids) and I dont know if that bc Ive had work experience in this field so am comfortable or becuase I think its a good job. (Has low pay which is downfall)
Someone pls reassure me that you are taught stuff and I'm not the only one feelng like this.
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I feel they will provide training and you can talk to management or the person who is training you regarding your concerns.

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