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In my youth I was not welcomed by people due to my health condition and appeance linked to it.

I don't want to go to too much detail about it.

but I got bullied a lot.

I got in to so much depression I depression that I dropped out of school completely and secluded myself despite being an A grade student.

later on, people lost their respect for me as I dropped out,not skilled education et

My family abandoned me when I was very small.

I just want to be loved and accepted for who I am. I am very tired.

my boyfriend's family doesn't like me either, and keep poisoning my boyfriend, saying you deserve a much better girl.

It's straining our relationship. They don't respect me. Not the way I want at least.

I wouldn't put up with it but I love my bf. He saw a part of me that noone was

able to see. He gave me the love and care I crave so much to some extent. But people around him do indoctrinate him. And I don't know how to fight this. As i do not want to disrespect people around him. And he is very tied to his loved ones. and his family and friends. And if I make problem he will believe them saying, yes this girl is actually problematic.

I don't want to lose my boyfriend but it seems like I am going to.

It's like a cycle that is constantly repeating in my life.
abandonment, losing respect, rejection
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Hello, no idea where to start here!

I'll start off with saying I'm so sorry for whats happened in your life, no one should be mistreated in any way for how they look, behave, etc. I was bullied when I was younger (for so many years) so I can understand that pain.

With your partner (bf), have you spoken to him about his family? or tell him "it hurts what they're saying about me" I'll be honest here if he really cared he would stand up for you or at very least have a conversation with you about it, saying he doesn't agree etc You say you don't want to cause an issue or trouble with his family I get that (own experience) but if it is causing you more pain and discomfort its worth trying to start a line of communication with him as its not fair on yourself, if he agrees and supports you. Ignore his family, if he chooses to be with you love you and respect you keep him. If he isn't respecting you consider leaving him, I know it may be hard but everyone deserves to be respected and loved.

Have you considered getting some help? ask a doctor or a therapist and telling them about the issues you've had in your life they could really help you as it seems like you are suffering with your mental health and things that happened in the past.

Maybe if you can't talk write a letter or keep a diary? Just some ideas.

I hope this is somewhat helpful

I'm 21, female I don't mind chatting on here if you want a chat.

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