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I just want to get a grasp on how difficult the work done in an engineering degree is and how much work really needs to be put in in comparison to what the course information suggests you should spend working. Is it what you expected or was it easier/more difficult than you though originally?

Finally, is there any tips you can give to someone looking to start a degree in engineering (aeronautics and astronautics or aerospace hopefully) in 2021?
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Generally the amount of time stated is an overestimate. I'd say most people will be working 30-40 hours per week during year 1 then that will decrease in later years potentially to as low as 10 hours per week sometimes, albeit with large peaks around deadlines and exam periods. In general people find 1st year fairly difficult while they adjust to the new system, then 2nd year is the most difficult. Once you get to 3rd and 4th year you're more in the rhythm of things so you're better able to cope with the difficulty, although some people do falter in the individual or group projects if their university hasn't prepared them with similar kinds of work previously.

As for tips for a degree in aerospace, get involved with the relevant competitive societies like drone competitions, space competitions, formula student, etc.

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