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I am thinking of dropping out of uni but am worried about what I would do instead. I am thinking potentially of taking a year to do traveling ect. Has anyone dropped out of uni and could tell me what you did instead and/or what you struggled with?
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I dropped out of uni earlier this year because I felt that my course wouldn't take me anyCV good enough to get replies from employers. For a few months I got no replies at all so I spent a few solid weeks writing up all of my experience and tailoring it to each position I was applyiwhere I really wanted to be and I could better use the 3 years getting practical experience. I've spent the past few months applying to jobs and apprenticeships. Some have gotten back to me and I'm in the process of replying to them. I've also been doing as much voluntary work as I can to bolster my CV and discover new things and people.
The hardest thing I've found is making my ng for which got me more responses. When leaving uni I would say really work on your CV. Another thing is finding what I really want to do with my life which is a struggle since the pandemic means you basically have to stay at home, so I've been trying to do a lot of reading into the different things I'm applying to and where they might take me. Make use of your local libraries, they probably have lots of good books about things you might want to start a career in.

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