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My boyfriend is interested in going back to study (as a politics student at U of Glasgow, I may have influenced this unwittingly) so ive been trying to help him out.
He would really like to be a maths teacher
In 2018 he got 3 level 7 units for engineering which in the requirements said was a relevant subject. But I lm not sure if they’d count any of the units he got because he didn’t complete the course? He didn’t like engineering as a vocation because he would rather work with people as he is very sociable.
Other than that, he left school 3 years ago with Bs in higher Maths and English and a C in higher History - as well as a bunch of really good National 5s in design and physics.
The entry requirements are BBBC for education and maths. I was wondering if his grades BBC as well as the level 7 units and other SQA level 6 unit awards are able to get him over that threshold?
Considering the uni only asks for National 5 maths and hes tutoring me for maths on the side of my degree (as I sucked at it and want a better result lol) I think he has a step in the door, despite missing a B? Especially considering not many maths majors are lining up to be teachers at the moment.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The best thing to do would probably be to email UWS directly and ask, they'll be able to advise you better than anyone on here. Good luck!

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