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I have issues with it and its got worse since something happened. We were at work doing a property stuff so we had a look round our new property we bought then it was lunchtime so I went in my car to McDonald's to get something to eat and the girl there taking my order was just laughing at me while taking my order and its ruined my social issues. A grown woman was laughing at me, she was about mid to late 30s so it wasn't just some immature teenagers that are taking the piss a bit. I had social issues since I was about 15 or 16 but now its bad and I can't go anywhere on my own and I always have to ask someone to talk for me. I get so anxious going out on my own especially talking to people and that McDonald's incident didn't help at all.
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your question is only half complete, if you dont know why she was laughing at you, no one at the forum would and have you considered a customer service with a smile but you precieve it to be a laugh?

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