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Sorry this is very long.

I bought my house over 2 years ago and it’s semi-detached , our next door neighbour rents through the council. When we moved in she seemed nice enough, she had 4 kids, was a single mum and had lots of pets (about 4 cats etc). So seemed like she had her hands full. We would do favours for her when she asked and always landed a hand.

We moved in during the summer and she regularly had parties. She would invite another neighbour over who she was friends with who lived at the top of our street. She would drink almost daily despite having a young toddler herself. The neighbour and her daughter would come over to our next door neighbours house daily and party. There would be lots of drinking, swearing, lewd talk, loud music etc. I was finishing my masters dissertation so I didn’t mind it too much.

We got a letter from the council saying thered been complaints about anti social behaviour about next door. We decided to show her the letter in the hopes it would make her change so she wouldn’t get in trouble. However nothing changed. One night was really bad with them all partying until the early hours in the front garden and the visiting neighbour left to go to her own house to get cigarettes. Her toddler started crying that she didn’t want her mum to leave her (in the dark on her own with a bunch of drunk adults) but she ignored her and left. The daughter then started screaming hysterically for her mum to not leave her. The other party people tried to calm her down but she must’ve woken up the whole town. It was very distressing. Her mum returned and they said did you hear her? And she responded “yeah I ****ing heard her” and didn’t seem to care or comfort her. This was the last straw for me so I called the council and reported the noise and said social work should be involved.

We got a letter saying next door had been given a warning and that the visiting neighbour had moved away so the case was closed. The summer ended and the partying stopped.

One neighbour approached me and said he was concerned about next door as he felt she “verbally abused” her daughter. I was uncomfortable with some of the things I heard, but her daughter turned 16 and moved out.

In the present day, our next door neighbour has now had a baby so has 5 children. She met a guy and had his child and now he isn’t involved. So she is still a single mum to 5 with no support and none of the dads are involved. One of her daughters has anger issues and one of her sons clearly has learning difficulties.

Throughout lockdown we have heard nothing but screaming and shouting and banging. Despite a newborn baby being in the house. Some of the things I heard alarmed me so I called social work. Nothing changed so I called again after another disturbing thing was heard.

We also messaged our neighbour on Facebook to tell her the noise late at night was bad and affecting us as we both work full time (she does not work). Nothing changed. We kept messaging her.

We eventually reported her to the council who phoned her up and told her there had been complaints. They said she didn’t deny there was noise and made a referral to social work.

It’s been a bit quieter but we noticed she unfriended us on Facebook. I’m worried she will cause us hassle because we reported her. But we gave her plenty of chances and we should’ve called the police but we never did.

She is clearly struggling raising 5 children and one being a baby on her own. We just wanted to get her help. But she doesn’t do herself any favours by sleeping with random guys and having more children and getting more pets and taking on projects when she clearly can’t handle the stress.

We can’t move away because we have reported her so it would be impossible to sell our house. I’m not sure what we are meant to do going forward because it’s really hard listening to all the screaming and shouting and the baby crying and it doesn’t feel like anyone is intervening?

Tl;dr - our next door neighbour is anti social and is a single mum to 5 and we reported her to the council and now we are worried she has a problem with us because she unfriended us on Facebook despite us messaging her multiple times about the noise to try to sort it
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I'd keep a book and record all events and maybe even record some of the shouting and send it off to your local council/MP. Time/date record everything.

It may help but that's what most are told to do in these situations.
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If she has any further communications with you, make sure to document/evidence them, times/dates etc so that it can never be made out later that you were taking an active part yourself in any anti-social behaviour etc.

Keep the council informed, keep raising concerns. To me it sounds like there is no real social work intervention so far for the new baby, I would consider raising a formal complaint with the council/childrens services in the sense that you don't think your reports of welfare concern for the nextdoor newborn have been given adequate attention and you are seeing no improvement and feel there is a serious risk to the babies welfare that is going unaddressed. Identify when you've raised previous concerns. Generally when actual complaints start coming in about welfare concerns about a baby, a more senior figure from childrens services might review what's been done so far and recommend what more can be done. Do it in writing, so no detail is lost.
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