Can 6thform force me to do an a level?

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I wanted to do chemistry, biology and maths only but, my GCSE grade for bio was downgraded from a 7 to a 5 from my last mock exam. My 6thform still allowed me to take bio, but I needed to take a 4th as a sort of back up. I took economics. Nearing the end of the first term, I started getting good grades in biology, so I thought I'd ask if I could drop econ. The head of 6thform said to think about it over the half term, so I did and my mind didn't change. The head said to my mother that she didn't think I should drop it, however it was my decision ultimately. So my mum said okay then, and told her that I've made up my mind I'll stop going to the econ lessons. The head just said oh okay. Two weeks pass, and then the head of 6thform notifies me that if I continue to skive the econ lessons I would start getting detentions. I thought I had dropped it, so this confused me a bit. Apparently we never came to an agreement so I haven't officially dropped it, whatever that means. My mum was a bit angry so called up. After that conversation, econ just went from my timetable. However, a week later I was told to go to the headmasters office, where he told me that both my biology and chemistry teachers told him that I am failing both of the subjects, and I am on course to fail year 12, and if I don't either pick up applied science or start up econ again, I won't be able to continue to year 13 since I'll fail, and I'll have to 'look elsewhere' if I wanted to do the three I want to do. This obviously confused me, since I have got A,B,A in the last bio tests and C,B in the last chem tests, but apparently all the tests I had got good on were GCSE equivalent, despite studying a level content. Admittedly, I had got E's and D's on the very firsts tests, but I had been told by several people and teachers at the school that this is normal starting out. My friend who is on a similar level to me grade-wise asked if she is failing and they have no worries with her. Should I keep fighting to drop econ?
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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