Nervous about taking the cervical test/smear test ... ADVICE

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I'm almost 25 yrs old and I got a letter in September about taking the smear test, Iv'e ignored it. Then this afternoon I received another letter about having not taken the test- even though I'm still 24 yrs old. I understand the importance of taking the test, I'm just really nervous about taking it. Sorry if I am sounding naive but I find the whole thing very embarrassing and invading of my privacy.... The thought of a nurse looking at your V freaks me out.

Being honest I haven't been sexually active either. Why should I take it?

I don't have much support, I don't have close friends to come with me and I have no members of my family who I would trust to come with me. My mum sadly passed away , if my mum was still here I would definitely take the test.

I'm just on my own

In summary I really want to take the test it's a important thing for women to have, but I'm just too embarrassed and nervous to take it.

Do you have any advice...thanks
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If you have never been sexually active and have had the HPV vaccine, there is probably no need for you to take it. I was told by the sexual health clinic and my GP that I would need to to start having smears a year after I became sexually active.

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