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I feel anxious and when people doubt me when I’m feeling down already I get pissed off. I just feel alone and when I get negative hate on tsr it put me down. I just want to work with cars not in McDonald’s and just want to drive that’s why I have said stuff. I moan about not being able to drive because I feel ashamed of myself about it.
have been into cars since I was a very very young kid, it clearly shows I was always eager to drive as well and believe I will drive no matter what. It’s just once I had a driving instructor who implied and said at some I won’t make it to pass my test and I’m going to be honest that really really did **** me up big time. I’m going to be straight up and admit it, I hate saying this but I did have a thoughts of maybe life wasn’t worth it anymore after I was told that. I know its sounds really stupid but it mean everything to me to drive. I have always been into cars and had the passion for them for as long as I can remember so having that said to me ****ed me up big time to be honest. I was prepared to give up college just to focus on this driving thing and I now I might sound like an idiot for that but in my mind I thought I will pass my driving test then I’ll get a good job with my licence.

I will be putting so much money and my savings into my first car and time that is how much I want this and that is my everything. I’m going all out with this. I honestly couldn’t see myself being a none driver all my life and if generally did I wasn’t going to make it I don’t think I would want to be here, I hate saying that but I just could never see myself not being able to drive in life
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you might not be wanting a response from anyone, but i thought it might be good for me to say my own experiences. i get where you're coming from. i had pretty hardcore suicidal thoughts a couple of years ago because i was worried about my future, worried about my exams, afraid that i wouldn't be able to get my dream job. if youre thinking suicidal thoughts or otherwise feeling depressed i would recommend trying to get professional advice from a gp, a psychologist, a mental health charity etc. i got seen by psychologists and a psychiatrist and it did help me out a lot. if it doesnt work, it doesn't work. its not for everyone but you dont know until you try.

but apart from that, in my experience, the best way to sort myself out when i feel like this is to make plans and make myself feel productive even if im not. i start thinking things through logically and try and focus on a solution to my current problem. even if i dont find the solution, i like tp discuss all my problems and possbile solutions with someone i trust, so that i can properly sort out all the chaotic thoughts in my head. i dont know if it will help you but for me, even if i don't actually take action, just planning to take action can help me feel better and get my head straight.

it also helps to live in the now, and not focus on the distant future too a harmful degree. what do you need to do right now? what are your short term goals that help get you to your long term goals? what are the most urgent, immediate problems that your facing in the present? there's no point stressing over what youre gonna need to do in 10 years when you've got something that needs to be done this week.

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