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I’m in my final year of paediatric nursing and in the midst of applying for my Primary PGCE. I’m slightly debating between the two careers.

I enjoy nursing but I thrive more when I have more control of my day (and is it extremely shallow to say that I want to wear my own clothes and look decent for work? I feel more motivated when I am) and I enjoy the environment of a school, always have.

I don’t have any experience in a primary school so I’m hoping someone can help. I hear that teachers are basically doing 12 hour shifts by the time they get into and leave school and a lot of forums I’ve seen are saying teachers are just overworked as nurses. I’m not looking to escape workload or anything, but I would like a career that’s not overly stressful. I’ve also heard it gets better the more years you teach?

I know it’s slim chances to find someone who has experience of both careers but I’m just looking for someone to shed some light on a realistic (and not exaggerated) workload etc. of a teacher.

I’d like to make sure I’m making the right decision and maybe my daydreaming of teaching isn’t what I think it is?
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I wouldn't be able to help you out, but I am interesting in it since I was having difficulty choosing between the two, i ended up applying for child nursing for uni (I'll be starting uni next year (2021)) but I still want to be a primary school teacher. Thanks

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