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Hi, so a bit of a long one on Tuesday i was at break at school when i found one of my friends in an argument with another student. I sort of intervened with the argument and tried to break it up when the student started having a go at me. I had a go back but not in a offended way like for example "im going to tell the teacher", it was a more of a sarcastic way like "what are you gonna do?", but not like that matters much anyway. So on Wednesday i found my friend arguing with fellow student again. This time i found out my friend was annoying him so i said to my friend stop annoying him and fellow student said "Yes [My Name]" and fist bumped me. Now yesterday he went home during the school day as he came down with Covid symptoms (loss of smell and taste) according to other students who i spoke with.
Now during today at lunch, i had found at he had tested positive for Covid.
Later on at break i went down the nurse's office to tell her i had been in close contact with him. The nurse then asked some rather pointless questions if im honest like "Who sent you here?" and "how did you find out?" She then go's to some members of staff to presumably pass on what i said to her but within 2 minutes flat of me notifying the school of my close contact i was sent of to lesson.
Now later on in the lesson, a member of staff walks in with a sheet of paper pulling selected students out as they were all within 2 metres with the student who tested positive in his lessons.
Some students in our class then said they had close contact with then but were never pulled out despite them and me going to our class teacher to stress our concerns.
I also over heard other students saying they had close contact with the student in question and apparently go's round doing stuff like jumping on peoples backs, fist bumping them and putting his arm around other people.
I spoke to my mum and looked on the govt website about close contacts and skin to skin contact is on the list of close contacts.
So what do you think? The school isn't taking me very seriously although my mum is basically saying they should of looked into it closer.
So do you think it will be more appropriate for me to self isolate?
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I think you should self isolate, of course only get tested if you come up with symptoms, but that does seem like the best option, and, no offence, but your school sounds a bit dim. They must be thinking that people are saying they were in close contact just so that they can get off school for two weeks. Since you would be doing it without the school saying so, maybe just isolate for about a week instead of 2, if symptoms come up then get tested, otherwise just go back. Again, its up to you, your school and family, but that’s what I would do. Stay safe, I hope your friend’s okay, and that you don’t test positive later :-)

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