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I was just wondering what students think of the catered accommodation at Loughborough? which is the most popular and is near the student union and libraries ?
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Hi laurenx4,

Although I was self-catered at Loughborough, I had lots of friends who were in catered halls. They all really enjoyed it and found it a lot more convenient not having to cook or plan meals, especially when living alone for the first time. The catered food is really similar in all of the catered halls and I wouldn't say any hall is more popular than the others - people tend to pick the halls closest to where the majority of the lectures will be or based on what room choices each hall has. You can view all the catered halls at Loughborough here.

Towers is the closest catered hall to the Student's Union and Elvyn Richards is the closest catered hall to the library, however all of the halls are only a short walk away from the Union and the library. If you want to be close to the library, I would suggest looking at halls located in the Student Village. Everything on campus is only a short walk away and we also have a free shuttle bus service across campus, so it is really easier to get from one side of campus to the other.

Hope this helps, Ella

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