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Olay so this has been on my chest for a while. I'm not talking about those stupid guilty pleasures that people say like eating too much chocolate or whatever. Like this is something I genuinely feel so much guilt from, but i still do it because i find pleasure in it, but I find it really guilty to find it pleasurable if that makes sense.

I am trans non-binary. I also experience bottom dysphoria on like a near daily basis, I hate what's there, but when I masturbate I feel pleasure from the part that I get the dysphoria, of course it feels good in the moment, but once it's over and done, I feel so guilty for enjoying it in the moment. In my daily life it bothers me, my dysphoria, so I feel wrong after I actually get pleasure from it. It's the only time I actually dont want it to change.
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Yeah *******, porn, and most notably for me 80's Japanese songs

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