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I'm currently a Mathematics and Buisness join honours student in 2nd year. My course consists of Economics, Finance and programming on the Business side.
A lot of people are saying that Economics is better than Business or Buisness is a useless degree or it Can't get jobs.
Here is the truth from my side and I'll try not to be too bias. Business a good degree in fact its a very good degree because it keeps your options open however there are many factors effecting it such as if your going to an Business school (I do ) because then Employers will see you more skilled. It also depends on what you learn as not everyone is doing the same thing at different uni as one may do programming in there course while another does Hr and marketing.

Economics and Business are seen the same now days by employers in the finance sector belive me or not. I know this because I have beaten So many Economics students for placements from my university however the jobs that economics has a advantage over is Economists and thats it while Business has marketing, Hr and Operation managment. they both has the same chance in the finance sector. Remeber as well Economics is part of Business well in my cvourse at least. So you can choose Economics if you want or Business they come out with the same outcome depending on where you are. But here is the catch no matter if you learn Economics or business you must and I mean you MUST learn how to programme with any language because that is a skill all jobs will love. Also a little fact is that Buiness is the 2nd most least regretted degree.

A joint honours in Business or Economics is best with a STEM degree like Im doing or computer science because its showing how you have so many areas covered.

Business can get a lot of Jobs but just do it in with a STEM because that is better to get an job and career. If you can't do it with a STEM then do it in a field where you know there could be a job.

If you regret doing Buisness than pick a masters close to something you want to do like Maybe Business analyst or a Conversion Masters in Computer Science

Just remeber Business is not bad.

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