Can someone help me with the legal significant facts on this case study?

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High Tec Inc. a manufacturer of computers located in Hong Kong, sent an email on Monday
to Laptop World plc in the U.K. in which they offered to sell “5000 laptop computers at a
trade price of $400 each”. High Tec Inc. stated in their email “This is a special price in order
to clear remaining stock. We can hold this price until noon (GMT) on Tuesday. Email us your
reply before then”.

The price was significantly below current market prices and so Laptop World plc was keen
to buy at that price and telephoned in reply the same day. There was no answer in the Hong
Kong offices of High Tec Inc., as it was 7.00 p.m. in Hong Kong and the offices were closed
for the day. Laptop World plc therefore left a message on the voicemail agreeing to buy 5000
laptop computers at the stated price on the understanding that shipment would be at the
seller’s expense. (This would be usual in such international sale of goods contracts.)

On Tuesday afternoon, having overlooked the voicemail message, High Tec Inc. assumed
that Laptop World plc was not interested in buying and so entered into a contract of sale for
the entire consignment to another company, and at 14.00 p.m. sent an email message to
Laptop World plc advising that the laptop computers had now been sold elsewhere. They
received an immediate email reply saying “ Did you get our telephone message? We agree
to buy at the stated price.”

High Tec Inc. has not shipped the laptop computers to anybody yet.

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