ADHD Diagnosis Confusion

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I was looking at the site of the psychiatrist I might see for a possible ADHD diagnosis. His website states:
"Diagnostic process:
This will typically involve a clinical interview spanning the early development, ruling out medical and social causes (childhood abuse) as if these explain the presentation better, ADHD may not be diagnosed."
I went through childhood abuse so what does this mean, will they rule out me having ADHD completely?
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It's difficult to say. A lot of ADHD symptoms overlap with traumatic stress following abuse.
I didn't mention it when I went for an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 22 because I didn't feel it was relevant/was ready to open up about it. I had repressed a lot of my childhood.
I got an ADHD diagnosis, started taking ADHD medication which really helped until it didn't, I was probably on them for 3 and a half years.
I have to say, the medication is probably what got me through the final year of my degree.

A few years after diagnosis, I started therapy with a great therapist who I built a rapport with and she specialises in childhood trauma which is why I picked her.
She thinks I exhibit more signs of complex PTSD than ADHD, and at the same time I started seeing her I stopped taking ADHD medication and felt a lot better for it.
I have bad anxiety so for me the medication could make it worse, but for some people it makes it better. I also had bad side effects of terrible headaches with ADHD medication.

I don't know if the above helps, that's just my experience.
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The issue with ADHD is it often overlaps with other conditions - for example dyslexia can be mistaken for ADHD or a person could have both. Sometimes misdiagnosis happens especially when a person grows older - challenges a person has at 7-8 will be very different to 18-20.

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