Only need 52% for a 2.1 in my final year and I start becoming lazy

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At my uni my final year is 60%. Somehow, I managed to get a first both in the first and the second year (I got such a panic of ending up with a 2.2 in the first year and second year, that I wanted to be as far as possible from it, so this is the main reason why I got firsts, not because I really want a first). Now, I only need 52%. I completely hate doing my dissertation (watching lecture podcasts is way better) for example. If I score poorly this year "just because I can" (obviously, still getting a 2.1), could it affect me? If I score let's say, a 50 or below on my dissertation because I hate doing it, would anyone care? I mean, are some units more relevant than others? Also, If say I score a 2.2 this year, would it matter as long as I end up with a 2.1? Would anyone care that I fell from a first to a 2.2 ?
Mention: so far I worked hard during this year. I felt the "smell" of the first and I still would like to get it. However, my brain is now more like "do you wanna work 190 more days to get that first, or do you wanna relax MORE than other people can in the final year because you can?". And most of my laziness comes from the fact that I'm especially good at exams. But now, exams are not almost everything anymore (disseration). And generally when I don't like doing something, I'm not doing it. I consider myself to lack self control. It just happens that my brain "likes" to learn for exams, and this is why I can "motivate" myself to learn for them. If let's say, I would have been in a course where coursework was the major part of my degree, I would have probably got very poor grades.
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Some grad schemes ask for module breakdowns so depends what you want to do next.

If you're capable of a first why not work and get one. Why throw it away

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