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Hey! I will be using examples for a personal statement for law, but you can apply the structure to any subject!

1. Reasons for choosing this subject(s)
why did you become interested in law - did you read a book or an article/ some news that intrigued you? Did you gain some legal work experience? Give detail! It's good to say not only that it made you interested in studying law, but it made you interested in the profession! (I have examples of books and work experience at point 3)

2. Current studies and how these relate to your chosen subject(s)
e.g. I studied English at a-level. this has tons of transferrable skills for lawyers- reading, writing etc. Drama helps with communication, presentation, advocacy (good if you wish to become a barrister). Have a think about skills that you have from your chosen subjects!

3. Experiences, interests and responsibilities and how these relate to your chosen subject(s)

Are you part of any clubs? if so, which ones? e.g. netball club, guitar club... these will have skills too e.g. teamwork again with netball. Any clubs/ part-time work also shows how you are good at managing time and responsibilities. Have you been on any places of responsibility e..g. being a captain, being on a committee (for example prom committee)

Have you read a book or an article/ some news that intrigued you? (some links to books here but note to actually read it in full if youre gonna include it as you wont want to get caught out haha! If you keep up to date with the news, good to mention too! Lawyers have to be commercially aware (up to date with events and businesses). It's not too late to do this- start reading some normal news, and law tailored news every day (Watsons daily have podcasts, bbc news give short updates, law gazette etc) see here too

Have you attended any virtual events? I know work experience may be hard to gain right now. Look at university websites and see what virtual events thy have on! They may have talks from firms etc which you can use as why you're interested. Check ours out here for events and open days

Did you gain some legal work experience? No worries if you haven't had any legal work experience... it's not necessary at all and common for students to not have! You can attend a local court and sit in on cases (anyone can do this and I really recommend as you get to see a whole variety of cases and see how the court process works!) Even non legal experience includes valuable skills lawyers need- communication, teamwork etc... these are good transferrable skills.

Links to websites that show good structure:

Here's a site which shows really good words you can use to describe skills

Remember, they want to see your personality! Don't pretend you've read a book or the news... they'll see right through this especially if there's an interview! Think of anything you do in your spare time for fun, or non-legal jobs and relate some skills to the career!

Hope this helps and please feel free to leave further tips or ask questions below!
Tasha :-)

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