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Am I wrong for spending less effort with a girl that could have been something but didn't?

Here's the backstory:
This girl was into me. I got her contact details and invited her over. We smoked and I said some stuff I shouldn't have. I said 'I felt like I was fake'. She assumed this meant my sexuality. But it didn't. At the time I was questioning the purpose of my existence and how I was always acting fine when I wasn't. Questioning if anything I had ever decided was my own choice and not me just being a construct of my environment. It was a tough time.

After this, she decided we should be friends and I accepted. Now, before we met up I was texting her and being engaged and interested. She was doing the same and there was an effort on both ends to keep the conversation going - not in a forced way. When she decided that we were friends she wanted to keep texting, but I noticed there was less effort from her. She gave closed statements and I would just read it an not respond. The reason for this is I don't like to force conversation if the other person isn't interested.

We work together and when we were both in she raised this with me and I told her she gave a closed statement and she seemed annoyed.

Now, my reasoning at the time was since this wouldn't be anything more than a friendship I treated her like one of the guys. She would come over and talk with me a lot and over share and I wouldn't give much of a reply. Because I don't care that much. In my head, if it's not going to be anything more than a friendship I'm not interested. It's not that she isn't interesting, but I don't want to spend my time hearing her problems when I've got my own stuff to do. She would come and complain to me a lot and I'm just not interested. She picked up on this and seemed annoyed.

Should I tell her my reasoning?
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I would say be honest with her and try and reason.
This is not much but I hope this helps
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