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I am in Year 12 and I recently started A Level English Lit, and I have been having some trouble with the essays. Of course it is a really big step up from GCSE as I knew I would be, but I have had to do quite a few past AS Level 25-marker essays and I have not managed to achieve any more than 10 marks, which is a bit frustrating. My feedback has mostly been that I need to remember to link arguments back to the question and to weave in more subject terminology to improve my analysis.
Recently I have looked at some mark schemes and my biggest concern is AO3 because that's where I'm missing the most marks, but I would like to work on AO1 and AO5 to make my essays more consistent. If anyone has any tips or advice that would be appreciated.
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Without actually knowing what one of your essays looks like, myriad factors could be at play. I'm going to list just a few of them:

  • Your understanding of the text's plot is poor (e.g. you're not sure about the order of events or what happens during certain parts).
  • Your subject terminology is too general (e.g. ‘powerful language’) and fails to identify patterns.
  • You don't analyse language, form and structure in equal amounts, or you analyse one more than the others.
  • Your contextual information isn't integrated or germane.
  • You don't use many critics, or you don't use them properly (e.g. to refute or support your argument).
  • Any comparisons aren't integrated.

This is rather broad, but I'd advise you to think about these things when you're penning your next essay.
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