I think I'm depressed

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I haven't felt happy in a long time, I just feel numb everyday, like empty? I can't find the motivation to do simple things like shower or brush my hair anymore. I cry over the smallest things and I am legit upset constantly. I snap at people easily and I either have no appetite at all or I have a big appetite. Today I ate one piece of toast. I don't open up to my family because they don't even understand my social anxiety, they just think I'm lazy - even if I come across distant they'd never know or ask.

I know it sounds ridiculous but the only thing that keeps me going most days is knowing that one day life will end. I am a 25 year old unemployed graduate living at home, struggling to find a job, sleeping on a sofa with severe anxiety and now maybe depression? Like what is the point.

I used to feel like this years ago, I remember one time I wrote a note explaining how I was feeling and my family found it and said I was attention seeking. I distracted the thoughts by moving myself away and drinking alcohol nearly every night. I try and do meditation / mindfulness but doesn't really help tbh. I've always been into fitness but lately I can't make 10 minutes without giving up.

Does it get better?
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It depends, but it rarely improves quickly and you might feel down for long enough for it to affect your life (for example until it's too late to revise for A levels). Perhaps in your case being unemployed and not motivated to find work for long enough you become less competitive in the market. The obvious other problem is it getting worse and never actually improving. You'll then be in an even more difficult position. Ask yourself if you want to get better. There are ways to do that if you're determined, like talking to a professional. Your parents will probably understand and give you support if you actually seem distressed. However if you detest the idea of speaking to a professional you can see how it goes or vent informally to friends or other friendly people
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I would try being more grateful for things you have in life

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