I’ve recently been outcast and have no friends in school.

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So I’m 15, I suffer from anxiety, and have recently beat depression and may or may not need to be diagnosed with asd, I have a friend, and he was speaking to some girl that goes to my school. He was exchanging nudes with her and ended up telling me and at the time I was very close with this girl, so I waited a few days but decided she deserved to know I knew, now I’m a very trustworthy person, I wouldn’t go behind somebody’s back. So I’ve casually been talking to her and broke it to her that I knew she had sent nudes to this guy I’ve known for like ten years. She’s been fine with me knowing. Maybe a little uncomfortable but I swore I wouldn’t put her to the school or anybody in it. Anyways that was the end of that. Or so I thought.

My two best friends (whom were also close with her) have come up to me, her hid behind them in tears, and they’re threatening me saying they’re going to get physical if I tell anybody. Keep in mind she had a good 15-20 people around her whilst she explained her sob story. So these friends of mine then say it’s MY fault everybody knew, and then somehow another girl comes up to me, this first girl had said to her I wanted to fight, I hate fighting, because not to brag, I’m strong, I’ve grown up being the only girl with 4 brothers all older, I work with horses, and I act quite masculine, I’ve never lost a fight when it’s come to them. So I’ve calmly explained that I didn’t want to fight (this girl is known for causing arguments and turning them physical) so then after a lot of cornering, a teacher comes over and tells us to put our masks back on, of course mine was still on as these people go wherever with whoever outside school. I was saved by the bell.

Next day the same girl who wants a fight corners me infront of the toilets, just me and her but she had a couple watching, she said I had been asking to fight her that lunch but I was stood by a teacher the entire time who interrupted and backed me up. But anyways that’s a quick summery, I’ve been isolated from everybody in school, normally I’d be on call to one of my other friends who was off due to covid but she’s back in now and to my luck she chills with them, she’s said she’s going to do half break with me and half lunch with me but I feel like such a burden, I’ve been bullied out of 2 schools already and I don’t want this to be my third. I’m so trapped and regularly run away from home when everything gets too much, my earphones have broke and without music I get severely stressed and scratch my neck and wrists (sort of a subconscious reaction to stress) but what I’m asking is does anybody have any tips on how to cope with no friends in school, I have limited places to hide away apart from toilets and changing rooms but they’re regularly checked and cleared of people by staff. I’m really trapped and the school aren’t doing anything about it...
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This is a really sad situation. Also, your "friend" doesn't seem nice- a real friend wouldn't hang out with people who are making your life hell.
If you haven't said anything, then you know that you're on the right side.
I'm sure there are other people in school you could maybe associate with?

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