Concerns have been raised that I might fail my placement

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I’m on placement until December (this is my first ever placement in a hospital setting) and a couple of weeks back, my practice assessor sat me down and said she’s worried I won’t pass because she feels I’m not progressing quickly enough (it did take me a while to find my feet admittedly), and I was given a list of objectives to complete by the end of this week. I believe I’ve improved a lot since our previous conversation, but my practice assessor is currently on annual leave so I’m worried that she isn’t going to see me improving, if that makes sense.

I’m wondering - if, worst case scenario, I do fail, what will be the next step?
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Worst case scenario - you need to be having some good conversations with the university.
You also need to have a good conversation with your practice assessor when he/she returns from annual leave. You also may need to talk to the practice education facilitators (PEFs, or whatever they get called at your trust - the hospital student/placement/uni link people - the 2 ladies who do this at my hospital are great at supporting practice supervisors/assessors and students).
I am a Practice Assessor. I qualified in 2019 and remember what it's like to be a student. I also know that feeling of worrying about not doing well enough.
Are you trying hard? From what you've said, yes. If I were your Practice Assessor, I'd be expecting to come back off annual leave and see the improvements you've made, and/or hear about it from my colleagues.
Other question being - are you in contact with your Practice Supervisor? Communication with them may help.

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