How to get a First in your first year?

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I’m studying politics & ir in my first year does anyone have any tips on getting a first in their first year?
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I haven't studied politics, but I did subjects in social science.

I think the general criteria for getting a first is:
  1. Answer everything correctly (general criteria for a 2:1) - this should be the main focus for 1st years
  2. Critical thinking of theories and ideas in your discssions - this will be important in Year 2
  3. Demonstration of further reading with preference for journal articles - important for Years 2 & 3
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(Original post by Anonymous)
I’m studying politics & ir in my first year does anyone have any tips on getting a first in their first year?

A few tips I would recommend to work most effectively and get the best grade you can is:
1. Stay on top of your work load and prioritise.
I think sometimes you need to make a list of all your deadlines and current workload and prioritise what is most important to get done first. Mapping out your work to stay on top of everything is vital to make sure you're spending your time effectively.

2. Keep in good communication with your lecturers.
Emailing them when you have questions, and attending lectures and seminars and contributing in them is also a good factor towards doing well at uni and making sure your lecturer knows who you are.

3. Follow the guidelines/ marking criteria.
Sometimes you can lose key marks that make a difference from one grade boundary to another by not following what was suggested. You will have marking criteria and assessment guideline's given for each assignment and I have always found highlighting/ ticking off what I have done to be helpful in achieving all the points that the lecturer wants you to have in an assignment. Double checking your references and citations is vital too!

4. Email study support.
Make the most of your university's support services. I always send off my work to my university's study support team as they can spell check/ help with argument structure an clarity in my work which really helps.

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