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    Hey, I'd like to share a little "story" with you all.

    I was working yesterday, and a man and a teenager came in. He was about 16 i think but there was one difference, he didn't have a full working leg and had to use a crutch and his other leg to walk. I don't think all his leg was there, or some of it was fake, but he looked to be in terrible pain. He also was very unstable and fell over. I almost cryed as i felt soo sorry for him and realised when me and my mates have had problems, they have been nothing on that kind of scale. He looked so unhappy, and didn't say a word, just was very polite when i helped him get napkins and straws.

    It made me think how bad his life would be, probably doesn't have friends as he wouldn't be "normal" to go around with.

    Just a little story that made me think, our problems are often minor.

    I felt that way while doing volunteering work at a place for mentally handicapped children last summer. There is always someone better and worse off than you are. Its not worth shedding tears over if there is nothing else you can do to help.

    This bring a certain song to mind,
    Besides the news of holy war and holy need ours is just a little sorrowed talk - Duran Duran.

    i volunteer and seeing people with worse problems than i could ever comprehend is a bit humbling.

    whenever i hear friends ranting on about how hard their life is i always wonder if they ever consider that in comparison to the kid that you described their life is 100% perfect

    Theres always someone worse off than yourself, be grateful for what you have. You never know whats going to happen.

    Don't worry he's sorted, he gets disability benefits/support/less tax/less rent.. and you pay for it.
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